About Us

Based in Istanbul,ECOMGLOW is a full-service  textile sourcing company, exporting ready-made garments to world wide customers from the apparel manufacturers located in Turkey.

Speed is the first thing our customers demand from us to stay competitive.

We offer you consulting expertise in sourcing, manufacturing and merchandising in the apparel industry.

ECOMGLOW has a wide range of resources and partnerships with the manufacturers who are the leaders in their fields with the reliable production techniques and experience.

Ecom Glow The Apparel Sourcing Agency About us


Our mission is to obtain highest quality standards that you are looking for at competitive prices through the on-time delivery.


Our Vision is to become a global player in the textiles service sector. To manage a dynamic team of experts, providing a smoother and easier sourcing journey in the fast fashion era.


Ecom Glow The Apparel Sourcing Agency Our Values

We are here for our clients : Providing our customers with the best possible experience is and will always be our top priority!

We are a team :The secret to our success is teamwork. Our team supports each other while striving for the same goals and providing constructive feedback every step of the way.   We communicate clearly and effectively. We trust and listen to each other without making assumptions with all our team, including manufacturers.

Trust, honesty and reliability is the most important elements of all above.

Continually striving to be the best ECOMGLOW is committed to providing
We always seek to extend their efforts beyond providing outstanding products and services.

We are agile :

Speed is the first thing our customers demand from us to stay competitive.

We are result oriented and take ownership of our business :

This responsible mindset help us to be a proactive team and make us continuously works towards achieving our goals.

Ecom Glow The Apparel Sourcing Agency How we do it

We believe in Innovation and Flexibility :

That is we constantly challenge our standards, norms and methodologies and implement new business models accordingly. There are many ways of doing business, as long as requested standards are met.

We use data and technologies : Good management can only be achieved by leveraging accurate and up-to-date data. We use ERP system for our all processes so we can easily see the instant situation and make the right decision for our actions without any troubles and lost times.

Ecom Glow The Apparel Sourcing Agency Data ERP

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